Tuesday, 15 November 2016


So, since the last time I wrote on this blog, a lot has transpired in my life. It actually feels incredibly surreal returning to blogging as I was truly convinced that with everything that has been going on recently, I would not have time, but lo and behold, here I am; telling you all about the new exciting events that have happened in my life. 

I should probably start with the most important thing; my sugar daddy Jon and I had a baby. Yes, you read right; I had a baby boy on the 29th of March and his name is Link. You're all probably thinking "why didn't you vlog?!" or "why the hell did you name him Link?!" and I will answer both questions in due course, so hang tight. 

Link Ezra weighed 8lbs 7oz and was born at 10:50pm at Kings College Hospital. No, Link wasn't planned (he was actually conceived at Glastonbury last year. Yes, Jon and I are complete trash) and he took us both by surprise, but surprise soon turned to excitement and I wouldn't trade him for the world. After being in labour for 10 hours but in the hospital for 2 days, I didn't care how he came out, I just wanted him out. I will make a video on my labour experience because believe it or not, I loved it and I would do it all again (except for my epidural procedure, but I'll explain why in my video). 

  • I did vlog; just not all of it. I was an insanely hormonal mess. I didn't want to leave my house, my skin was awful, I felt horrible about myself and I just didn't want people seeing me like that. I am generally quite a happy chilled out kind of gal and I would like you all to continue to know me as that "crazy bitch from YouTube", not as that "bitch from YouTube"  
  • Zelda. Duh. 
I don't want to talk too much about my pregnancy in this blog post because I plan on making a very lengthy video about my experience. It was not as rosie or as dandy as people make pregnancy seem in the media, but it's relative to everyone I guess. I don't think I ever got that "pregnancy glow" and I had morning sickness pretty much throughout my pregnancy and no, morning sickness doesn't only hit you in the morning, it comes morning, afternoon, evening and night with a mean vengeance. You learn something new everyday. Anyway, I have that video lined up soon, so stay tuned. 

So deciding to have a baby and bring a tiny clueless human into this dark and mysterious world means that you've got to make a lot of sacrifices and a lot of growing up in the space of 9 months. I know for sure that it took pregnancy for me to earn a specific power that I will be forever grateful for; the power of patience. 
I am probably one of the most impatient people on the planet. I was about ready and done with the whole waiting thing by 8 weeks, but with pregnancy, you literally have no choice but to wait. Just wait.

Want to know what you're having so you can buy clothes, but you're only 8 weeks pregnant? You've got to wait until you're 16 weeks. Your baby probably hasn't even got genitals yet. 

Want to know whose nose your baby has? 
You've got wait for that too. 3D scans are great but your child looks like a piece of Play-doh swimming in some fluid and you can't really tell much from those scans anyway. 

So out of my entire pregnancy experience, patience is one thing that I have acquired and I am so grateful to finally have it because it's something that I am going to need as a parent. 

Jon and I are still together. If you followed me on any form of social media, then you would know that Jon is completely obsessed with Link and it warms my heart to see him so in love with someone we both created. I get a bit teary eyed looking at him interacting with Link because I can see the love in his face. It just beams off him and I am truly lucky to have such an amazing man to share this parenting experience will. Here's to 3 more babies, Jon! 

I've realised in my short time being a parent that I would do ANYTHING for Link. He is the most important thing in the world to me now, so if that means never having another alcoholic drink, or never going on a night out ever again, then so be it. I am willing to make that sacrifice because being a parent means you have to put your child first and I learnt that very quickly. I sacrificed my body for him. He had complete control over my body for 9 months and I've sacrificed friends for him but every single thing was worth it. Every declined invitation to go out and "be young", every stretch mark I have gained from growing him in my body, all of that. 

Pregnancy and parenting makes you grow up very fast and although I didn't think I was ready for a child at 22, once I made the decision to have him, I had to be ready. I would not let my child come into this world for him to struggle. That was not something that I would want for my child, it's not something that anyone would want for their child. 

So yeah guys! That's a little update for you! I will be writing a mother and baby blog from today called http://tinytoesandbabygrows.blogger.com so you can catch up with all things motherhood on there, if you're interested!
Thank you all so much for reading, and I will catch up with you all soon!


Fen x 

Friday, 13 March 2015

Soft & Gentle Skin Science. Which Girl Are You?

So the other day, I went to an event hosted by the amazing Pegasus PR for Soft & Gentle. Now, Soft & Gentle have been around for as long as I can remember.

 I remember my mum buying my sisters and I the deodorants when we were younger, so I guess I have grown up using their products. I was delighted when I was asked to attend this event, as Soft & Gentle have released a new dynamic trio consisting of two anti-perspirants and a deodorant in their new Skin Science range. The event was hosted in a gallery space that was really nice, spacious and airy and was set up to adhere to the three different concepts that each product represents. All of the products come in the new 75ml compressed cans which provides a more environmentally-friendly option but lasts just as long as the original 150ml version and is more travel friendly.

Each concept had a specialist that filled me in on everything I needed to know about the products.
The three concepts are:
Visibly Smooth

When I walked into the room, the first concept I was drawn to was the pink one. It had an Alice In Wonderland feel to it, with oversized perfume bottles and lipsticks and I was just wowed by how bright and well... PINK it was! With naughty snacks of macaroons and tiny thumb-sized cupcakes, I was hooked on it instantly. The Visibly Smooth concept had to be the one that I liked the best out of all three of the products because it offered something that the others didn't; hair minimising protection. YES GUYS, YES. An antiperspirant that has the power to minimise hair growth in your armpits. How insane is that?

It contains KeliSoftTM which is clinically proven to reduce the speed of growth and thickness of the hair in your underarms in just 8 weeks. It reduces the production of VEGF, which is a protein that is involved in the growth of underarm hair. It gives you smoother looking underarms and even reduces the dark shadow some of us women get when out underarm hair begins to grow back.
Anything to make the shaving and waxing procedure easier for me is a total YES, right?

I really really liked this concept because of the hair reducing property, but also because of how it smells and how light it feels when it is sprayed. Yes, I have tried it already and the smell is just so light and subtle, but still strong enough for you to smell it after a day of shopping and being social. This antiperspirant offers 48 hour protection and is anti-white marks. That's what I like to hear.
Really Pure:

The second concept was Really Pure and is aimed at people who are looking for a more natural alternative to their products. When I saw this concept I was blown away by how green it was and also had to fight the urge to just plop myself on the floor. It looks like a nature heaven and was just beautiful. This is the only deodorant out of the trio (the other two being antiperspirants) and is free from allergens, alcohol & aluminium chlorohydrate. It offers a natural form of protection that doesn't coat your underarms with a layer of hard white power once it has dried. It is very breathable and allows for a little amount your own sweat to help moisturise your underarm, but works as an odour neutraliser to stop any bad smells.
At this concept, they had a little platter of 'healthy alternatives'. I can't quite recall what they all were but I remember that they were all tasty. You see that stuff that looks like orange and white rubble in the background? WELL IT WAS EDIBLE! It was little pieces of honeycomb and marshmallow. Insanity. MIND = BLOWN.

This deodorant out of the three, is the one that I would say is more suitable for women who sweat, but don't sweat a lot and is more suited for women with sensitive skin. Natural women who like to feel free when it comes to their underarms. This is a natural alternative to a deodorant that helps make a simple and quick change to you, your body and the environment. It offers 48 hour protection (which I think is more than enough) and is so light that you can reapply it during the day and it won't cake under your arms and make you feel sticky and uncomfortable.

And Ultra Protect:

The Ultra Protect concept was very fresh and clean looking, with a relaxed baby blue theme which reminded me of a spa. It was the more active option of the three and the space was decorated with gym themed equipment such as a Soft & Gentle punching bag which I really REALLY want. The specialist that spoke to me about this product was Olympic athlete and fitness expert, Jenny Pacey, so I think you can that this product is for the active woman.

 This is the last of the trio and is the other antiperspirant. This product is aimed at people that are constantly on the go, whether that be avid gym bunnies or just women who are always on their feet. It offers extra protection that protects you for 72 hours, yes 72 HOURS. I wondered why anyone would need a 72 hour protection antiperspirant, but some people just like to have the longer lasting protection and like the others, they are light enough to reapply during the day.

With nibble options consisting of fresh sushi, a nutritious smoothy shot and yummy protein balls, it reiterates the theme of appealing to health enthusiasts. After the Visibly smooth antiperspirant, I would say that I would more likely reach for this one because my boyfriend and I have adapted really active lifestyles (He's trying to get me to cycle to France with him) so we are at the gym a lot of the time working up a sweat, training and just generally trying to look and feel our best.

Ultra Protect contains unique skin synergy technology and boosts a skin-kind reaction when you need protection the most. If you're like me and you tend to get really itchy when you sweat in your underarms, this product is for you. It helps to prevent irritation and is a reliable source of sweat protection.

So, if you managed to get through this very picture heavy post, you would know that each product has a different concept behind it and is for different kinds people. From women that want hair minimising properties in their antiperspirants, to women that are constantly on the move. Different kinds of bodies need different kids of protection and I feel as if they have catered to a majority of women out there with these three products.

 Upon leaving the event, the lovely girls at Pegasus gave us the option to pick out of 3 goody bags, depending on what product we thought suited us best. Of course, I chose the Visibly Smooth option and provided with goody bag with all three of the products in them and this awesome tote bag that I will definitely be lugging to the gym (and everywhere else) with me!

Overall, I think the event was amazing, and I really learnt what each product does and I cannot wait to try all of the products!

That is my round-up of the event and the products and I will definitely be doing a follow up very soon because I am going to take an 8 week challenge to see how well the hair minimising properties in the Visibly smooth antiperspirant works, which means you *may* end up seeing a close up of my armpit *shudders*.

Price: All three of the products are priced at £2.09 which is think is great as it's the same that you would pay for the 150ml product, lasts just as long and does the same thing, but you can carry it around with you in your handbag! I currently have an Ultra Protect in my make-up bag and yes, it fits.

Where can I get it? It is currently available to purchase in Boots, Superdrug, Tesco and Asda. 

Thanks for reading guys!

Take care,

Fen x

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Weaveland Hair: Initial Review

Hiya guys!

So recently I was contacted by the lovely people over at Weaveland, asking if I would like to review some hair for them on my YouTube channel and of course, me being a weave obsessive literally LEAPED at the opportunity, so this post is going to be telling you more about my initial thoughts of the hair and giving you a little bit of information on the company!

When I was initially contacted, I was asked what hair I would want, so I went on the website and I felt spoilt for choice. They have lace wigs, lace closures, bundles of a variety of hair ranging from Malaysian, to Indian hair. After a brief look, I decided to go for some grade 6A natural coloured-straight Peruvian hair in lengths 20, 22 and 24. I usually don't have straight hair, so I thought it would be a completely new and different look for me, and I thought "hey, why not?"

When the package arrived (usually takes about 3-5days, but it was slightly longer for me) I was so excited because I had super high hopes for the hair and it honestly only got better. The hair was packaged in the usual way of packaging weave, in the clear plastic sleeves so even though I ordered straight weave, it came with a few waves due to the way it was packaged, but I was completely fine with that.

As soon as I took one of my bundles out of it's packaging, I could see that it was incredible quality. The hair was from a wholesaler called Karida, and had a QR code (which led to the Karida website) on the labels. They also slipped a business card into the package with the sellers name, number, address and whatsapp number, just in case you ever got bored and wanted to send the guy a message! (That's probably not what it's for, I'm just being silly, but you know)

I was very happy about the fact that the individual bundles had their lengths on it, because usually the lengths of the hair is only on the plastic packaging it comes on, and once I take all of the bundles out, I tend to get confused as to which length is which and yes, I know it is avoidable by not taking all the products out of each package at the same time, but I just think it's easier to have labels on the hair!

Photo credit: Fenetta 
I did the initial shake and finger comb to see if any hair would fall out and absolutely no hair fell out. It was thick and so silky. I have a HUGE problem with hair that is, how do I put this... dry? You know, when the ends don't come together well and it just doesn't look very good? So I made a point of checking whether this hair would be like that, because if it was that was automatically a negative review from me, because there is NOTHING worse than dry static-y weave, right?

The hair doesn't thin out which is another problem I'm sure other avid weave enthusiasts can relate to, because I have found that the longer the hair, the thinner the ends get, but with this weave from this company, the weave is the same thickness the whole way through. I am not going to go into ALL the details of the hair, because I still plan on making a YouTube video after I get it installed!

Delivery: Like I said above, it should usually take 3-5days if you're in the UK. For my US readers, I'm pretty sure it's the same or less!

Price: Weaveland has hair starting from just £13, which I think is absolutely insane! The Karida hair above is sold as individual bundles, which I usually don't go for, I tend to steer more towards the companies that sell 3 or 4 bundles for a set amount, but with this, it gives you more free reign over what length, and colour you want for each bundle.

Communication: I like being able to communicate with the people I am buying my hair from, simply because I like to know that if it comes and it's not as I hoped it would be, I have the option of talking to the company to resolve any issues. I thought the communication with Weaveland is great. In fact, once you go on the website a little box pops up in the corner with a LIVE chat option where you can have a full on conversation about your hairstyle or a query with an actual human being.

Any cons?: This may not be a big deal to some people but the hair smelt a bit... funky? It smelt like aniseed and I. HATE. ANISEED. I hate liquorice and all that smelly stuff so that kinda put me off sniffing the hair (I probably shouldn't be doing that anyway) but I have aired it out a little bit and the smell has eased up a little bit!

Who are Weaveland?
So, you're probably thinking "what a funny name for a company", but it's a company that does several things that all surround weave and hair. They are so much more than just a supplier of weave which is what I think sets them apart from other weave retailers. Weaveland operates a marketplace sales system where reputable wholesalers of their products can sell their products directly to customers. Now, not any old riffraff can get onto the Weaveland website, Weaveland specifically hand pick wholesalers in which they feel will provide the best quality of hair to their customers. They don't deal with wholesalers that sell rubbish quality hair at extortionate rates and really neither should you, so they've completely whittled it down to the best of the best on their website, so expect great quality hair at an affordable price!

What makes them different?
So not only is Weaveland a weave marketplace, it also offers services such as helping you find a hairdresser/stylist where you are. Now, I STRUGGLED to find hairdressers when I was away at uni. My hair would get super unruly and I would have to come all the way back to London to get my hair done because I simply couldn't find anyone that could do the job in Birmingham and Coventry. WELL FEAR NOT! Weaveland offers a "Find a local hairdresser" option where you can find qualified hairdressers in your vicinity, which I thought was a genius idea. You can even book your appointment with the hairdresser online! Currently the areas they offer this service in is London, Birmingham, Liverpool and Southampton.

So that's about it guys! Like I said, I will be making a video once the hair is installed so you can have a look at it in it's full glory and see what it is like on my head! If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comment section below and I will get to answering them to the best of my ability!

Thanks for reading guys! 

Take care!

Fen x

Disclaimer: Although I was sent these products to review, I would NEVER lie to followers of my blog. These views are my own and my honest opinion, and if you have been a follower of my blog for a while, you would know that I have no problem being honest about products that I am not fond of, so please believe me when I say that this is an 100% honest review!

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Food Diary 1: Grapefruit, Chicken Salad & Falafel with Quinoa Pitta Bread!

Hi guys!

So I have decided to start documenting my food intake and taking pictures of my food for a new segment that I am adding to my blog called *in deep echoing voice* MY FOOD DIARY! 

People ask me what I eat to lose weight, so I am going to be uploading daily food posts showing you guys what I like to eat daily to trim down and as healthy options!

For breakfast, I usually have fruit, so I decided to have half a grapefruit and a tiny cup of black coffee (It's tiny, about the size of an espresso coffee). If you find grapefruit a bit too bitter, but know about all the health benefits, try sprinkling a tiny amount of sugar on it and putting it under the grill for 2-5 minutes and it may change your life! (Got that tip from Jon, his grandma used to do make it like that for him)

For lunch, I had a very light chicken salad with spinach, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and red onion. It was a fairly small bowl of salad and I thought it wouldn't fill me up, but because I had bulked it out with spinach and lettuce, I actually couldn't finish it. (You get full very quickly once you cut down your intake, and I make sure I don't overeat because when I do, I get sleepy and unproductive AKA "The 'itis") The dressing is a french vinaigrette dressing that Jon makes, I may get him to write up the recipe for that if anyone is interested! This was a very tasty salad, the vinaigrette made this a 10/10 because we all know how bland salad can be without a good dressing, so the kick from the vinegar and the chopped garlic added some real good flavour!

 And for dinner, I had a quinoa & falafel stuffed pitta bread with a salad. The salad had spinach, carrots, red onion, cherry tomatoes, cabbage and lettuce in it, with about 10 cubes of low-fat feta cheese (From Tesco, very small cubes) and a sprinkle of black pepper. I couldn't finish it because it filled me up very quickly, probably due to the carbs and the fibre from the wholegrain pitta bread. It was really tasty, but because I didn't want a dressing on it, it was a bit dry? Dressing is optional, but I just decided to go without. Maybe next time, I'll try a lemon and herb dressing with it.

So yeah! That's the food that I ate. I did have snacks during the day, but they were just fruit and I drank water throughout the day (which I kinda hated because I am a fan of fruit juices but not a fan of what they do, especially if they're not pure fruit juices).

Like I said, if anyone is interested in wanting to know recipes, just let me know and I will either incorporate them into these daily food posts, or get Jon write them up on his blog which he is starting fairly soon!

Thanks for reading guys, I hope you enjoyed this post!
Until next time,

Fen x

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Tales From The Earth 'An Abundance of Happiness' bangle*

Hiya guys!

Long time no blog! I know, this year has been entirely hectic. I finally completed my degree and - well, if you would like to know what else I've been getting up to, pop over to my Youtube channel and have a butchers at that!

Back to the point! So recently I was contacted by a company called Tales from the Earth. Now, Tales from the Earth, is a company that makes jewellery for special occasions and special people. If you browse the website you'll quickly realise what I mean. From bangles with little messages that are engraved on the inside as a secret little motivator, to keepsakes and christening necklaces, TFTE have thought of all the social occasions; and have catered for them.

I actually stumbled across the website before they contacted me, and saw their secret message bangles. I had just graduated the day before and my parents were racking their brains to think of a nice little present that will act as a memorable piece, and an almost reward for graduating. I saw the 'An Abundance of Happiness' bracelet and instantly fell in love, and actually tweeted that I wanted this from my parents as a present, so you can imagine my excitement when I was contacted by Tales from the Earth, asking me if I would like to dedicate a blog post to the jewellery.

 When it came in the post, it came in a lovely little tiffany blue coloured box with 'Tales frm the earth' pressed onto it in gold. I instantly thought "This packaging is awesome, it would make an amazing gift".
THEN I openeded the box.

 The way everything was packaged was immaculate. I loved everythng from the little gold pull string bag, from the light grey ribbon that was delicately tied across the top holding the jewellery and the little card on top, in place.

Now usually, when I get presents, I don't want to read the manual, I just want to open the present, normal right? Well with this, I actually took the time to read the little card! SHOCK HORROR!
When contacted by the company, they asked me which bangle I would like. Of course I chose the 'An abundance of happiness' one because thats what I felt was relevant to me, but there was an array of choices, from an 'always with you' bangle to an 'an ocean of love' bangle. You just pick what message you think you would like, or if giving it for a gift, what message you think the recipient of the gift would like.

The tiny card read has a little message that I thought was so cute and sweet. It's one of those pieces for me where it tells me that everything gets better. If you guys have been following my blog for some time now, you would know that I suffer from depression and recently things have not been going how I would have liked them to, you know the usual thing. I needed something that would make me smile and make me remember that things do get better, and I feel like this is perfect for me. I know, it's a bracelet, but the message is something very close to my heart, something that I look at when I feel under the weather and it reassures me that I was once happy, and will get back to that but I must have hope.

Oh and did I mention, the bracelet has a tiny message engraved on the inside? It brushes past your wrist a thousand times a day as the tiny card reads.

I thought as well as this being a special occasion bracelet and a keepsake, it would also be a great Christmas present. My family have a tradition of doing Christmas and New Year presents and as the youngest of 13 kids, this is an absolutely perfect tradition! Double the presents!
Even better is the fact that they're still sending them out!

Last orders placed before 2pm on the 23rd of December will be delivered before Christmas, so for you people like me that slack at Christmas time, it is perfect!

PRICE: These bracelets are £45 with free delivery within the UK. For a bracelet, I think that it's a quiet good price. It'll last for years and years.
Quality: They are very sturdy. They're rhodium-plated and 6.5 diameter x .9cm width. They fit my wrist and I don't have the skinniest of wrists, believe me. 

So overall, I think this bracelet would make an amazing present for Christmas or any other occasion. With their sweet messages that can brighten a day, I think everyone should have one of these. Not only would they make an amazing present, I think just buying one for yourself as a little reminder that things get better and to move on, is an awesome motivator for people like me that need a little push sometimes.

I loved it to much, I bought one for my boyfriend's mum as a Christmas gift, as I thought it would be something she would love also!

Thanks for reading guys, until next time!

Fen x

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Little Mix by COLLECTION launch event!

Hello girls!

Long time, no blog post! Ok that was a little corny, but hi guys! It's nice to see you again. I have been away for a long time and I know you've all missed me ever so much, (obviously) but now I am back to talk to you about an exciting event I attended tonight! WARNING: A LOT OF PICTURES!
So I was invited to go to the launch of the UK foursome Little Mix's brand new make-up launch with COLLECTION (previously COLLECTION 2000) and I just jumped at the opportunity. If you don't know, Little Mix were the winners of X-Factor in 2010, when 1D and Cher Lloyd were also competitors, so obviously by that, you can tell that they are are well loved girl band.
Anyway, the event was hosted in the lovely Mayfair Hotel which was lovely and snazzy. I got lost and ended up being about fifteen minutes late, but what's different there? When I finally buckled up the courage to ask someone where the place was, I was told that I was standing right in front of it; and had been for the last 5 minutes, so as you can tell, I was clearly not in the right frame of mind in that moment.
I entered the hotel, and was greeted by this guy who told me that the event was being held downstairs. I got downstairs and I saw a lot of, how do I put this, OLDER people in ball gowns and tuxedos and began panicking. I thought I was to underdressed and almost had a nervous breakdown there and then. After a minute of comtemplating whether to go in or not, I decided that I must go back upstairs and ask someone else where the event is being held. I was told that it was indeed being held UPSTAIRS. I praised the lord, and began walking up the stairs, giving evils to the a**hole that told me it was downstairs.
So when I finally got to room where the event was being hosted, I was bombarded with champagne:
Cupcakes, free cocktails, canape's and fish and chips. YES. FISH AND CHIPS.
I was thrilled, as I always am with free food and tons of it. After saying hello to some familiar faces, and a couple of drinks, I decided to take a walk around the room before Little Mix made their appearance on the stage. Oh did I forget to mention? THEY WERE GOING TO BE AT THE EVENT!
As I walked around, there were several bits and pieces of the collection around. I swatched basically everything on the back of my hand like I was in Superdrug and was so impressed by the quality of the lipsticks, especially.
After having a little nose about, the girls came out and answered some questions about their range and spoke to us for a bit, then people lined up to go and get their photos taken with the girls. I took that opportunity to have a closer look at the range and try to determine whose I liked best.

Each girl has their own range that includes:
A mascara
An eyeliner
A lipstick
A nail polish
A lip gloss
A blusher or bronzer
A dazzle eyeshadow
An eyeshadow trio
 The cupcake that I shouldn't have eaten because I'm on a diet, but ate anyway because I couldn't resist.

You can see a few of the items on the table there. I swatched them and fiddled around with the bits and pieces, and I must say, the quality of the bronzers and eyeshadows were amazing. The bronzer almost felt like a fluffy mousse, but was a powder and it blended so well into the back of my hand.
 The little make-up artist corner!

 An in-venue make-up artist! You could go to her to get your face all done up while at the event which was awesome!

 The girls finally came out and were looking gorgeous! Sorry for he crappy photos of them, there were so many tall people in front of me, I wanted to cry, but I managed to get some shots of them!

 They were talking about their excitement of launching a range and they were all so sweet. So genuine! The girls spoke about which products were their favourites and shared with us the process of picking what would be in the range and who would have what. They all wanted that signature red lip, and a clear lip gloss so they made them group items, so they don't belong to one person's range!

It was mahoosive, guys I couldn't stop staring at it.

 They're so lovely, so down to earth, it was crazy just seeing how lovely and well... normal they were.

 The delicious cupcakes that I just wanted to smuggle home.

 A cushion that I so badly wanted to steal, but couldn't because it was too big HINT HINT PEGASUS, I WANT ONE *winks at Harriet*

So I had a good look at each girl's collection and tried to pick which one I liked the most, and I honestly could not pick. I liked Perrie's lipstick, but also liked Jesy's bright nail polish and Leigh-Anne's clear Mascara and Jade's eyeshadow quad. It was hard to pick one girl's collection because there was so much variation.

The items in the range go from £1.99 to £3.19, so it all very very cheap but very good quality. I'm actually shocked at how good the quality is of the range.
I was given a lovely goody-bag with items from each of the girls' ranges and a blog post about that will be up early tomorrow morning. I loved the event, it was so nice and had such a lovely feel to it. So many kind lovely people and so much food *starry eyed*.

The range launches tomorrow and will be available to buy in Superdrug!

Oh and a quick cheeky tip, Perrie's lipstick is pretty much a dupe for Up The Amp by MAC, but at a fraction of the price, at £2.99 rather than £15.00! (Image above MAC on the right)You cannot go wrong! Definitely go check it out!

Keep a look out for a full review tomorrow of the items I recieved in my goody-bag!

Take care girls, and thanks for reading,

Fen xxx