Thursday, 23 January 2014

PERSONAL POST: Depression and loss...

Hello girls!

Long time no speak! It has been extremely long since I last blogged and I do apologise for that. Life has been extremely hectic and I do feel as if I owe you an explanation and an apology for my MIA-ness... if that's a word?

So as some of you may know, my uncle died late August. He was my mum's sister's husband and he was such a lovely guy and was always smiling and happy. He would always make me laugh and always had the charm and humour to make you forget about your sad times and focus on happier times. He was an amazing guy, and it was such a sad shock when he passed.
Obviously, this was a very sad time for my family, there was a lot of grieving and sadness in my household and I just didn't feel like doing anything, especially blogging. My parents left for Ghana for his funeral and I stayed here because I was due to go back to university to start my final year in 2 weeks.

About a month after my uncle died, I was in my university house with my boyfriend, and I got a call from my sister Christabel. Now, me and Christabel didn't really talk on the phone. Hell, we didn't really talk at all. We didn't really... get along? When I was younger, she never really played with me, she was very grown up and mature and didn't really like interacting with me. I would ask her to just do something with me and she never would. She was quite mean to me. My sister Abigail, was my favourite sister. She always played with me, she always wanted to do things with me. She would take me to the arcade and the cinema and she was just the best, but Christabel, just hated me. Well that's how it seemed at the time anyway. So anyway, Christabel called me and sounded really sad. She asked me if I was ok, and told me to sit down. I immediately felt my heart start to race because I was so scared. I mean, when someone tells you to sit down, it is most certainly always bad news, right?

I screamed at her and was like "IS IT MUM?!" because my mum was in Ghana and I was just scared something would have happened to her. My sister said no, that my mum and dad were fine. She fought back tears and told me that my mum's sister who I know as aunty Grace, had died.

Now, at this point, so many thoughts were running through my mind, but the only word that I managed to utter was "How?". It wasn't a "how" as in asking how she died, but more as in a "how the hell is this possible?" my uncle, her husband had died A MONTH before her. She wasn't sick, she was fine! Nobody understood what was happening/what had happened and it just threw my family into a cycle of sadness pain all over again. I burst into tears and Arran ran over to me and hugged me and told me everything would be ok. I don't think I ever thanked him for being there for me. If he wasn't there I honestly do not know what I would have done.

Anyway, my aunt and uncle had a son called Fred, who obviously is my cousin and for him to lose his dad and his mum is less than 2 months, must have been the greatest pain of all. I asked my sister "DOES JUNIOR (a name we call him) KNOW?!" and she said yes, he knew. What was crazy about it all is that he had come back from Ghana from attending his dad's funeral A DAY before his mum died. It was so heartbreaking thinking about all the pain he must have been in, I just couldn't understand how it was all happening to my family so sudden... No one was prepared for this.

I wanted to call my mum to ask her if she was ok, but I don't think I could have handled hearing my mum cry down the phone. I knew she wasn't ok, but I am one of the most awkward people when it comes to sympathising with people. When my mum cried, I actually feel like my heart is breaking, and I literally feel pain in my heart. I didn't want to call her. I guess you could say it was selfish, but I was just so scared. I don't know why but for my own sake, I just couldn't call her.

That day, I spiralled out of control eating wise. I ate everything I laid my eyes upon (that was edible). That was just my way of coping with things. I would eat and cry and eat and cry and eat and cry and I would just feel sorry for myself all day and I just let myself go for about a week.
I'm one of those people that comes off strong and independent, but I am probably one of the weakest most vulnerable people you could come across. I always try to protect others and shield them from danger,  when in reality I need protecting. I've always been like that. I think it was because I was always the fat one. The fat one that was bigger than all her friends, so when something would happen, I would be the one called because I could take that person down and this moves me onto another part of this update; my weight loss.

A lot of people had been asking me how I had lost weight and what I had been doing. I don't want to make this blog post too long, so I have been drafting a post specifically on that matter that I will post very soon. It will have ALL the details and pictures and what not, so make sure to look out for that.

So, I fell into a spell of depression after my aunt died. She was by far my favourite aunt. She was my mum's youngest sister and she was the most generous woman you would ever come across. When she came to London to visit us, she would always bring me and my other sisters presents and treats. She always bought me a pair of real gold earrings. She helped shape me into the girl I am now. She's the reason as to why I love jewellery so much, because when I was 12 she took me to Ernest Jones and bought me so much, it was insane.

When she came to visit when I was 17, I was in the process of stretching my right ear. Everyone in the house was like "Oh shit Fen, aunty Grace is coming, look at your bloody ear!" and I was literally panicking. I was so worried she'd be disappointed and that she'd think her present of earrings would have gone to waste. I changed my hair so many times so it would cover my ear, but at this point I had stretched my ear to 18mm, so there was not going back, plus, it was HUGE. She saw it and was shocked, but laughed it off. She gave me £40 and kind of begged me to buy a nicer but smaller tunnel. Her exact words were "At least get ones with diamonds in it or something".

She was just the most lovely woman.

Some time after she died, I was in my uni house and I was thinking. I was over-thinking. A lot was going on with me and I just felt like shit and I didn't want to do anything or see anyone. I started crying and I didn't even know why. I just couldn't stop. I got out all of my pills and decided that I was going to end it all. I sent texts to everyone and explained why I was doing it, and said I'd miss them.

I sent a text to my sister Christabel, saying I'm sorry I couldn't have been a better little sister to her and I'm sorry for whatever I had done that made her hate me when I was younger. I also said sorry for not being a good aunty to her 3 month old baby girl Lanah, and that I hoped she would tell her about me when she was older. I was so ready to go. I'd had enough of everything. This was it.

I locked myself in my room and turned my phone and my lights off. One of my housemates called the police and the ambulance while I was writing a lengthy letter to my parents apologising for what I was about to do. The came in the house and they forced me to open my door, if not they'd have to break it down. I opened it and I just sobbed. I sobbed to this police officer for about 2 hours and I saw him wipe a tear away from his eye at one point. He told me to turn my phone on, so I did, and I had gotten about 60 missed called from people and just countless texts.

I got a call from Christabel and she was sobbing. I have never seen her show so much emotion in my life. She's usually such a stone-faced girl who was very blunt and told it like it was. She was crying so much I couldn't understand what she was saying. I said sorry and I don't even know why. I just couldn't stop apologising.

 After the police left, they told my housemates to look after me. My sister's boyfriend and my other sister's husband were coming pick me up from Coventry to take me home.

My best friend of 5 years Victoria called me and was crying and was angry that I didn't tell her how I was feeling. At this time, her and I were not talking much. We would talk, but something had happened during summer that left us a little distant. I explained everything to her, and we just sobbed. She has always known how to cheer me up, so before long I was laughing at something stupid she had said and I was for that moment, happy.

Now, I am much happier, but I do still have my bouts of depression. I was diagnosed with  BPD when I was like 18, so I knew it may have had something to do with that. I feel so much happier within myself, and it's sad to think that I could have just ended everything that night. I have so much to live for. My graduation, getting married, seeing my nieces and nephews grow up, having kids of my own. I was going to throw that all away because I'd had enough. You don't just have enough of life. You have to stick it out. For every bad, there's something good, right?

I'm still kinda waiting on that good thing to happen, but it will happen, I know it will. Who knows, it could have happened already, but I just haven't realised it yet.

Sorry this has been so long, but I thought I would finally share with you guys what's been going on in my world. This will probably come as a shock to a lot of you guys, because I'm always the funny, loud annoying one with a lot to say, but I get sad too. If you ever ever feel like it's the end, honestly, it's not. You can email me and we can talk about stuff, if you want to. It's never the end when you want it to be. is my email address.

I hope I have shed some light on my struggle with depression and loss and I hope you all forgive me for being away and not blogging. I will get back into my game very soon!

Thanks for reading, guys!

Fen xoxo

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Little Mix by COLLECTION launch event!

Hello girls!

Long time, no blog post! Ok that was a little corny, but hi guys! It's nice to see you again. I have been away for a long time and I know you've all missed me ever so much, (obviously) but now I am back to talk to you about an exciting event I attended tonight! WARNING: A LOT OF PICTURES!
So I was invited to go to the launch of the UK foursome Little Mix's brand new make-up launch with COLLECTION (previously COLLECTION 2000) and I just jumped at the opportunity. If you don't know, Little Mix were the winners of X-Factor in 2010, when 1D and Cher Lloyd were also competitors, so obviously by that, you can tell that they are are well loved girl band.
Anyway, the event was hosted in the lovely Mayfair Hotel which was lovely and snazzy. I got lost and ended up being about fifteen minutes late, but what's different there? When I finally buckled up the courage to ask someone where the place was, I was told that I was standing right in front of it; and had been for the last 5 minutes, so as you can tell, I was clearly not in the right frame of mind in that moment.
I entered the hotel, and was greeted by this guy who told me that the event was being held downstairs. I got downstairs and I saw a lot of, how do I put this, OLDER people in ball gowns and tuxedos and began panicking. I thought I was to underdressed and almost had a nervous breakdown there and then. After a minute of comtemplating whether to go in or not, I decided that I must go back upstairs and ask someone else where the event is being held. I was told that it was indeed being held UPSTAIRS. I praised the lord, and began walking up the stairs, giving evils to the a**hole that told me it was downstairs.
So when I finally got to room where the event was being hosted, I was bombarded with champagne:
Cupcakes, free cocktails, canape's and fish and chips. YES. FISH AND CHIPS.
I was thrilled, as I always am with free food and tons of it. After saying hello to some familiar faces, and a couple of drinks, I decided to take a walk around the room before Little Mix made their appearance on the stage. Oh did I forget to mention? THEY WERE GOING TO BE AT THE EVENT!
As I walked around, there were several bits and pieces of the collection around. I swatched basically everything on the back of my hand like I was in Superdrug and was so impressed by the quality of the lipsticks, especially.
After having a little nose about, the girls came out and answered some questions about their range and spoke to us for a bit, then people lined up to go and get their photos taken with the girls. I took that opportunity to have a closer look at the range and try to determine whose I liked best.

Each girl has their own range that includes:
A mascara
An eyeliner
A lipstick
A nail polish
A lip gloss
A blusher or bronzer
A dazzle eyeshadow
An eyeshadow trio
 The cupcake that I shouldn't have eaten because I'm on a diet, but ate anyway because I couldn't resist.

You can see a few of the items on the table there. I swatched them and fiddled around with the bits and pieces, and I must say, the quality of the bronzers and eyeshadows were amazing. The bronzer almost felt like a fluffy mousse, but was a powder and it blended so well into the back of my hand.
 The little make-up artist corner!

 An in-venue make-up artist! You could go to her to get your face all done up while at the event which was awesome!

 The girls finally came out and were looking gorgeous! Sorry for he crappy photos of them, there were so many tall people in front of me, I wanted to cry, but I managed to get some shots of them!

 They were talking about their excitement of launching a range and they were all so sweet. So genuine! The girls spoke about which products were their favourites and shared with us the process of picking what would be in the range and who would have what. They all wanted that signature red lip, and a clear lip gloss so they made them group items, so they don't belong to one person's range!

It was mahoosive, guys I couldn't stop staring at it.

 They're so lovely, so down to earth, it was crazy just seeing how lovely and well... normal they were.

 The delicious cupcakes that I just wanted to smuggle home.

 A cushion that I so badly wanted to steal, but couldn't because it was too big HINT HINT PEGASUS, I WANT ONE *winks at Harriet*

So I had a good look at each girl's collection and tried to pick which one I liked the most, and I honestly could not pick. I liked Perrie's lipstick, but also liked Jesy's bright nail polish and Leigh-Anne's clear Mascara and Jade's eyeshadow quad. It was hard to pick one girl's collection because there was so much variation.

The items in the range go from £1.99 to £3.19, so it all very very cheap but very good quality. I'm actually shocked at how good the quality is of the range.
I was given a lovely goody-bag with items from each of the girls' ranges and a blog post about that will be up early tomorrow morning. I loved the event, it was so nice and had such a lovely feel to it. So many kind lovely people and so much food *starry eyed*.

The range launches tomorrow and will be available to buy in Superdrug!

Oh and a quick cheeky tip, Perrie's lipstick is pretty much a dupe for Up The Amp by MAC, but at a fraction of the price, at £2.99 rather than £15.00! (Image above MAC on the right)You cannot go wrong! Definitely go check it out!

Keep a look out for a full review tomorrow of the items I recieved in my goody-bag!

Take care girls, and thanks for reading,

Fen xxx

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Feminine Hygiene - Do it right!

Hello again girls,

So I understand that this post may cause a lot of raised eyebrows, but I thought that it would be a good idea to do a post on this topic, as it is very important for girls and women, especially in this ungodly heat we have been experiencing in the UK.

As the last born in a family of 9 sisters, I was taught a lot about feminine hygiene when I was younger, but I understand that not everyone has nine sisters and not everyone is clued up on feminine hygiene. When I say feminine hygiene, I mean keeping your private parts clean, free of infection and any weird smells.

I just want to say this right now, I am not a camp gyno* or a doctor, I am just speaking as a girl who thinks it is important to keep your private areas clean and someone that wants to help younger girls who  maybe don't have a female figure in their lives and are too nervous to ask their father about what to do down there.

*This is camp gyno. She is hilarious.
There is going to a time in every girl's life where they feel "unclean" down there. This time for me, is usually during and just after my period. I feel gross, sticky, icky, paranoid, every word you could ever associate with being uncomfortable and it usually gets me down as no one likes feeling like that.

Dont' think you're a freak if you sometimes feel gross or yuck down there, as a lot of people do. Just because people don't talk about it, doesn't mean it isn't something a lot of people experience. You just need to take more care and pay more attention to keeping the area clean and fresh.

It's important to keep your vagina area clean and free of any "fishy" smells, because that smell is very distinctive, and if you can smell it, people around you can smell it also, and it is quite embarrassing.

Here are some things that can help you feel and be fresh down there:

1. Spend more time washing the area. Don't be ashamed to use your fingers or to squat down and give the area a good thorough clean.

2. Use a PH balanced soap/shower gel for example Femfresh - Usually shower gels and soaps that you use to wash your entire body are not good for washing your vagina as they are not Ph balanced, and may cause stinging, redness, irritation and may cause a "fishy" smell.

This product is soap free and hypoallergenic. 
Suitable for everyday! It's £1.64 in Boots!

3. Make sure you rinse the soap out very well. If you don't, you'll smell.

3a. Dry the area very well.

4. Keep the general area neat. I'm not saying shave it all off and be bald down there, but excessive hair may mean that you cannot reach the area well enough to clean, so maybe trim the hair down every so often.

5. Get a vagina deodorant. If you're worried about the smell, there are products you can buy that act as a "vagina deodorant". Femfresh do one, actually. It's £1.32 and it's a spray aerosol.

I got this one from Morrisons, it's a spray deodorant.
6. If you still feel uncomfortable and still have that smell down there, then you should probably consult your doctor or GP. It could be something else, but it may not be serious, so don't get scared to go and have a qualified person check you out. It could stop a big problem in the long run!

The Femfresh products I have shown in this blog post are available in your drug stores, such as Superdrug and Boots, but supermarkets also stock them. I got these from Morrisons on special offer.

So this post was short, but I hope it helped you (if you have any problems with your private area) or someone else. There is always such a massive stigma when it comes to talking about feminine hygiene, but if you don't learn when you're younger, it makes it difficult to become important to you when you're older.

I hope you found this post informative and feel free to share it with people! If you have anything to ask me about this post, feel free to email me on

Thanks for reading, gals!

Fen xxx

Just want to say that I have not been paid for this post, Femfresh probably don't even know that I exist!

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Witch Mattifying Moisturiser* review!

Hey girls!

This blog post is for us girls with combination or oily skin that find it really difficult to keep our shine under control (Don't let anyone dim your sparkle though, give in to the sparkle motion) which makes our foreheads look like an oil slick and that is not always a good look, especially in this summer season.

I have a very oily t-zone, and often find that when I do get spots, I only get them in my forehead region, and that sucks because it's like the biggest part of my face. I always sweat on my nose and my forehead and find myself having to use tissue or oil absorbing sheets to pat my face down on the forehead and nose, and sometimes it gets quite embarrassing as it often looks like I have been running, when I have in fact just been walking at a pace of about 0.7 miles per hour. 

So when I was given* the new mattifying moisturiser by Witch, I jumped at the chance to try it out, as I have always wanted to fine something that can keep the shine in control and if so, just eliminate it completely. 

Zoomed out photo
My sister used to use Witch products when she was younger, and swore by it for a very long time, but I was very cautious about using their products as it has Witch hazel in it, and I just wasn't very sure about it, but when I tried it out the first time, I really really enjoyed their products.

So this product claims to "harness the natural goodness of witch hazel in a balancing formula that delivers 24 hour hydration, ideal for oily and combination skin". 
It promises:
- 24 hour hydration
-Balanced and mattified complexion
-UVA and UVB protection with SPF15, protecting skin from the suns daily damaging rays and free radicals (which is perfect for the weather we have been having across the UK the last few weeks)
-Dermatologically tested for oily and combination skin.

Zoomed-in photo. Sassy.
So lets compare what it claims to do, to what it really does, shall we?

Good factors:

  • I tried it out on my face very soon after I got it, it applied like a very silky primer. 
  • It had a matte finish, but a moisturising matte, it wasn't completely drying and your face didn't feel like it was about to shatter into tiny pieces. 
  • It got most of my shine under control.
  • It is very delicately scented and smells very fresh and pure, almost.
  • It's not greasy, at all. 
  • It makes your face feel like velvet.
  • It's a cheaper alternative to a primer and does pretty much the same thing as one of my favourite primers, GOSH silk skin that retails for £12.99, as well as hydrating your skin.
I have applied the moisturiser and rubbed it into my skin, already in the photo above. FLAWLESS.
Bad factors:
  • A lot of people get weird skin reactions to witch hazel, so if you're one of those people, as good as this product sounds, you probably shouldn't use it. I DID WARN YOU.
  • Although it does help fight shine, it does not do it 100% which is obvious, so don't expect to use this and for your face to have no shine whatsoever. You will still shine a tiny bit, but it is a natural shine that will make your skin look so natural and healthy. 
I think this product is really good for it's price £4.99. It is a very good make-up base and is very cost effective.

If you have tried it before, let me know what you think! Also, what primers have you been using recently that you recommend?

Thanks for reading gals,

Fen xxx

*Although I was given this product, my review is 100% honest and truthful. You guys know I wouldn't lie! Look at my videos!  

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Browhaus, Covent Garden - My Browstory!

*So last week, I was invited by Law, (That's so yesterday blog) to go to Browhaus, a beauty parlour. As you can probably tell by the name of the shop, it specialises in eyebrows and I was really excited to go as my eyebrows needed a lot of help on that particular day, but I didn't know how they did their eyebrows, whether it was waxing, or shaving or threading and I had said to myself, if it is threading; NO.

I don't draw my eyebrows on, because they are super thick and super bushy. I used to get picked on about them quite a lot when I was younger, but I have grown to embrace them in their entirety as a lot of people tell me that they wish they had eyebrows like mine and I have Cara Delevinge to thank for that! (SCORE!)

So anyway, when I get my eyebrows done, I usually get them done with a blade. Yes, I get them shaved off. In the past, this has resulted in several different problems for me including; shaving bumps, cuts and hair growing back in as little as 3 days! Of course that gets a little annoying, especially as I come to London to get my brows done, then have to trek all the way back to Coventry for uni and my eyebrows don't stay neat for long, which sucks.

My sisters used to get threading done years ago, when a lot of people didn't know what it was (Yes, extreme hipster sisters here) and I used to go and watch them get it done in a lady called Jasmine's house. I never wanted it done because it just looked way too painful and I could hear the hair being ripped out of it's follicles from about 2 feet away and that sound was just something I could not deal with, but I decided that I needed to get over it, because eyebrow threading seems to be the way forward nowadays. I had gotten them threaded once before, but it was in Superdrug, and the pain, was just unbearable. I cannot describe it. The force in which she used to yank my delicate hairs out of my face was just too much, so I swore to myself I wouldn't get them threaded EVER again. I didn't even like the way the way she did it!

When the people at Browhaus got in touch with me via Twitter saying that at #browstory event, I would get my eyebrows threaded, I can't lie, I was a bit sceptical. I was really scared that it would hurt and that I would end up in tears from the pain like when I was in Superdrug (I don't take pain too well, especially face pain) but I decided to go anyway, as I wanted to know what it was all about.

So I went to the parlour which I must say looked AH-MAY-ZING. It's not like the shoddy Superdug eyebrow threading shack places, it is a really nice, modern, comfortable looking place. I was greeted by some of the people that work for Browhaus and given a little talk about the treatment I would be getting. A complimentary eyebrow threading and/or tinting session. I only got threading because my eyebrows are mega dark already.

After a while of standing there nervous about whether to get the procedure done, I was finally convinced by the lovely kind words of the girl who would be doing my eyebrows "It won't hurt, I promise". I decided to trust her, and just went for it.

It didn't hurt. One bit. It was actually pretty therapeutic.

She talked me through what she was going to do, and asked me for my opinion on everything she said. I was in control which I liked a lot. She was also very very nice and had brilliant eyebrows.
She did a brilliant job with my brows and I was very happy with the end result, also with how gentle she was with my eyebrows. I didn't feel like she was trying to pull my face off with the thread, unlike in Superdrug that one time.

So after my brow treatment, I sat down with my lush red velvet cupcake that I was offered upon arrival, and was spoken to about a procedure that Browhaus specialise in.

Me eating my cupcake. Mmm. Photo Courtesy of Browhaus.
Brow Resurrection 2.4
"BR 2.4 is a signature semi permanent treatment, that boasts a more detailed and natural stroke, using a vegetable based dye and is finer than normal brow embroidery techniques." - Browhaus FAQ

 They use vegetable based dye to give you fuller looking eyebrows. I found this really interesting, as it gives people with cancer and alopecia the hope of having natural looking eyebrows again. Also, ageing can make you lose your eyebrows, so I think it would be good for older people who are losing the hair in their brows.

The procedure can last for 2 years following you make sure you take care of them well and use the after care products you get after the procedure. You may need to go in for maintenance or a "tune up" every once in a while (every 6 months); as you would with natural eyebrows.

The treatment costs £550 for full brows, and £450 for lengthening, which I think is worth it, especially if you're tired of having to draw your eyebrows on everyday to get them to look perfect. With the procedure, everyday would be a good brow day!

Not only does Browhaus specialise in eyebrow treatments, it offers services such as:
Lash extension
Lash Curl
Lash tint
Lip define - semi permanent lip liner
Cheek threading
Sideburn threading - Which I need and may be going in for
and much much more!

So in all, I was very very impressed with the treatment that I got at Browhaus. The girls were very lovely and very very professional and did things how YOU wanted them done. She didn't tug at my eyebrows too hard and I felt really comfortable. I recommend Browhaus 100% as they are such a great company!

I have 5 people to give a half price treatment to also, so tweet me so I can let the people at Browhaus know!

Lisa and Law being cheeky minxes outside Browhaus!
Fen xxx

*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsered post, and everything I have written is the complete truth, I stand by it 110%! 

June's best purchase - NARS Multiple Duo in Maui/Palm Beach

HELLUR GIRLS and boys!

I have decided that I am going to start a new blog series kind of thing, called month best purchase. It sounds a lot like a favourites post, but it is not the same; entirely.

So basically, I pick ONE product that I think is the month's best purchase, taking several factors into consideration such as:

Price effectiveness? - Is it good on your pocket? Are you getting enough product for your money? 
Quality - Is it made well? How does it look/feel?
What the product claimed to do compared to what is actually did - Is it doing what it should be?
Why you think it is your best purchase of the month? - Just expand a little bit on it!

I thought I would do this because when it comes to doing a favourites post, there is always one product that you love way more than the others, but because it is in a favourites post, it often gets overlooked or drowned out, almost, so I thought it would be a good idea to do an individual post for my fave purchase of the month!

Now I am going to start this off with one of the purchases I bought at IMATS that I absolutely LOVE and it is the NARS cream multiple duo in the shades Maui/Palm Beach.

The product comes in a compact with a very clear mirror, may I add. The reddish shade is Maui and the brown-shimmery shade is Palm Beach. This is a multiple duo, meaning that you can use the shades for anything and everything, such as an eyeshadow, lip colour and a blusher. Although this product looks very much untouched, I have used it. I used it on my face after I took the swatches as I didn't want to photograph a messy product for you!

  I will be using that brownish shade as a highlight, as it is about a shade lighter than my face, and actually looks really good on the cheekbones, and I will be using Maui, for my cheeks as it gives that natural pinkish tint to my cheeks when stippled on.

Quality: NARS  have been known to sell very good quality products, and with the prices that they sell their products at, you can't really expect the quality to be poor! It feels like it is good quality, and it isn't too heavy on the face, and does not cake, which is amazing. Also, for the summer, I like to have a glow to my face, and I found that using a powder often makes my face look matte, and having a little summer glow doesn't kill anybody!

Price effectiveness: As I bought this product at IMATS, it was discounted by a lot! I think this product usually retails at about £33, but I got it for a whopping £12.50! I'm not going to lie, I don't think I would have bought this for £33, as you don't even get that much for your money. You get 8grams, which isn't great. That is approximately £4.25 per gram!

What is claimed to do compared to what it did do: The product didn't really claim to do much, and I think with this product, it all about what you do with it that matters. Obviously, using it as an eyeshadow would have a different result from using it as a blusher or highlight, so I'll have to try it out in all 4 ways that is can be used (blush, highlight, lip, eyeshadow) and get back to you on that.

Why is it product of the month?! I think it was the best purchase for June, simply because it was discounted by so much. It was less than half-price and I know for a fact that that is the main reason for this purchase, after all everyone loves a good bargain!